Steel and Fabrication Industry

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We exclusively design & manufacture overhead cranes as per client request while providing scientific and economic solutions through a highly trained, efficient team & in cooperation with the largest leading company in France ( Verlinde Lifting Equipment) & in Germany
(Stahl Cranesystems )
And because we ensure the deliverance of a model product that is consistent in all its aspects with the latest technology, safety and quality standards, we have set our designs to be in line with accepted and agreed upon international standards, such as the Egyptian Code, American specifications CMAA & the European FEM GROUP for the manufacture of overhead cranes, thus ensuring high efficiency in product performance
and ensure that it is safe to use .
This is First Cranes policy:
Reliability : you can rely on us whenever and wherever you are .
Ongoing performance : our service after sale .
Strength and Durability : Our basic policy .


We are working to become the most reliable and innovation manufacture and solution provider in the steel industry.


1. To supply top quality steel structures and other steel products which competes in the market with the lowest prices and maximum efficiency.
2. To gain the Stakeholders Trust and reach the highest level of customer satisfaction sharing all our experience and effort to provide ideal steel solution.
3. To expand our business in the market using latest technology & techniques, aiming to be one of the leading steel suppliers in the region.
4. We are dedicated to meet new challenges, embark on new projects, have the opportunity to meet new clients, as well as develop new ideas through creativity & ingenuity. All while improving our operations through diligent feedback