Crane Components Technology

First Cranes Technical team with joint venture of our partner STAHL Cranes we provides Digital transparency for intelligent manufacturing for different crane components through our partners as Crane Electrics , Wheel Block , motors , End carriages . Master this challenge through the digital transformation and smart networking of your production systems, so that everything communicates with everything. To offer you convincing solutions here too, we work together with expert partners who meet our quality standards. With the intelligent solutions from First Cranes & STAHL Crane Systems, you are ideally positioned for the future. With the SMC multicontroller, remote condition monitoring (RCM) and the various frequency converters, you can gain the greatest possible benefit from your data, e.g. better facility management, less downtime with predictive maintenance or increasing occupational safety

  1. Operating data acquisition
  2. Load spectrum recorder
  3. Automatic load control (ALC)
  4. Motor management
  5. Load monitoring
  6. Extended speed range (ESR(
  7. Load early warning
  8. Tandem operation
  9. Sway control
  10. Slack rope monitoring
  11. Efficient power recovery
  12. Load display
  13. Crane interlock
  14. Work area limits
  15. Follow me function